Crypto -> Cash

Swype users are able to offramp several ways from their crypto wallet directly to their bank account by following the steps below

To sell directly from Sell Homepage Widget

Step 1.

Open your Swype app -> Tap on Sell widget

Step 2.

From here you proceed by either tapping the chain dropdown menu to find the tokens you want to sell or you can do the same by simply tapping 'Select token'

Step 3.

You will then see your entire portfolio segmented by chain and also amount in ascending order. No matter which token you select, the sell screen will automatically switch to the chain.

Step 4.

You then type the amount you want to cash out -> then either tap or swype up.

Step 5.

Review button on the bottom right -> Review your transaction to make sure total is what you want to cash out -> Swype to confirm and then wait 20-60 seconds.

Note that each chain have different network speeds and methods of confirming transactions. Some chains are faster than others. If you do not see your transaction confirm, money amount update or have any other issues or questions please reach us at Onboarding & Customer Support

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