Cash -> Crypto

Swype users can onramp to Crypto directly from their bank account by following the steps below

Please note that in order to convert your Fiat 💵 to Crypto you must have funds in your Swype Bank Account. You can always fund your account by following the steps outlined at Receiving External ACH/Wire

Step 1.

Open your Swype App -> tap + BUY on the bottom left

Step 2.

Once tapped users will then be presented with the following options

  1. A + symbol with a dropdown

  2. A preselected EVM Chain i.e. Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon or Optimism

  3. Max amount which is equivalent to funds available from your Swype Bank Account

  4. A Select token dropdown

*You may tap either 1, 2, or 4 to take you to the token select screen.

Step 3.

Once you're in the selection screen you will see that the tokens are segmented by chains and only the top 20 shows. If you do not see the project/token in there that's ok as you can type it in the search bar and your token will show per chain

If you still do not see a token listen when searching that's ok! It can be for one of two reasons; Either there isn't enough liquidity on a DEX or we simply do not have it listed. You may tweet us at @getswype or message us in Discord or Telegram. Onboarding & Customer Support

Step 4.

So after you search your token make sure to double check which chain it's on by chain logo as some tokens/projects have liquidity on several chains. Also note that certain chains are cheaper than the other.

Step 5.

Once you have your token selected, enter the dollar amount (remember that your Max amount will always be shown)

Step 6.

Tap or Swype Review button up

Step 7.

Double check to be sure you've entered the right amount -> Swype to confirm

You can also buy directly from your portfolio page once you have Crypto assets by selecting a token you own and tapping the Buy button

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