Account Verification

In order to off-ramp or on-ramp crypto to Fiat 💵, Swype users need to first complete the verification process.

Step 1.

When getting started with account verification, users can do so by clicking on the banking widget in their home screen

Step 2.

By completing Step 1. users will then view the prompt below to officially begin the verification process

Note: Please keep in mind that Swype DOES NOT store any of the sensitive personal information that you'd provide when completing verification.

Step 3.

Users will start by filling out a 'Verify your account' form as shown below.

Step 4.

Users will then click 'verify' and submit all their initial information for review

Step 5.

Once submitted, users can view their application status and in turn provide additional information as needed if their account is in review and requires additional ID verification to get approved

Step 6.

Swype works with Persona when completing ID Verification for our users, so will be redirected to the same when toggled by user

Step 7.

Users can complete ID Verification through Persona by submitting a photo ID. Users can choose to begin by uploading one of the following: Drivers License, State ID, or Passport as shown below

Step 8.

Please note when uploading photos, users must ensure there is sufficient lighting before proceeding

Step 9.

Users will then be asked to provide country of issuance for their ID

Step 10.

Once Step 8. has been completed, you're officially done with the ID verification process. Congrats!

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