Getting started with Swype

Swype aims to make onboarding and offboarding fiat and cryptocurrency easy while still supporting crypto’s core values when possible.

Swype V3. Home Screen

Swype is a non-custodial crypto wallet tied to a custodial bank account, simplifying onboarding and offboarding back and forth from your bank account and decentralized applications.

Using crypto today requires you to have access to 3-4 different apps/platforms:

  • A Centralized Exchange (CEX), like Coinbase or Binance, to on-ramp & off-ramp your funds

  • A Crypto Wallet to interact with decentralized applications and manage your crypto assets

  • A bank account to convert your crypto to dollars and vice-versa, instantly

Your Swype wallet is non-custodial. This means Swype does not store your keys and that they are safely stored on your iOS keychain. Keeping your Apple ID secured is essential to ensuring that your keys remain protected.

To help smoothen the User Onboarding flow even further, a dedicated 'Get Started' widget has since been added for Version 3, with clearly defined steps laid out for users to complete in order to begin taking full advantage of everything that Swype has to offer.

Migrating from older versions

Swype V1.

If you were an early V1 user with a physical Swype card that was issued by Mastercard, and have only ever used V1, you will need to be migrated to Swype Version 3. In order to do the same, you would need to re-verify your identity information to stay compliant with federal banking regulations.

Once submitted, our team will verify this information and have your account status updated within three business days. You can always check the status of your application by pulling down to refresh the banking page on the Swype App.

Once approved through our KYC procedures to create a Swype bank account, you can then proceed to begin viewing all banking transactions, your account balances, account details, and debit cards.

Setup a calendly session with us here. We'd happily onboard you, and get you up to speed with the latest features currently available on the Swype app.

Swype V2.

If you are using the current version of Swype, just update your app to the latest version to begin using Swype Version 3.

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