Checking Crypto Transactions (txs)

Swype users can check all their txs (transactions) by following the steps below

Step 1.

Open Swype app -> Tap on Wallet

Step 2.

Under Wallet Details tap on the 'Txs' (Transactions) icon.

Crypto transactions are segmented by:

  • All - Showing your transactions on all chains

  • Ethereum (EVM chain specified) - Showing all your Ethereum transactions

  • Arbitrum (EVM chain specified) - Showing all your Arbitrum transactions

  • Polygon (EVM chain specified) - Showing all your Polygon transactions

  • Bitcoin - Showing all your Bitcoin transactions

Note: Once you tap on any of the transactions you will see a View Details pop up, tap it and it will take you to the corresponding scanner. The scanner shows all transactions on that chain's network. Including exact time, time it took to send, amount and addresses involved.

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