Receiving External ACH/Wire

Swype users can receive an ACH/wire transfer from an external account from their Swype Bank Account by following the steps outlined below.

You can also fund your Swype account by manually sending in a wire/ach through another financial institution. Just use your Swype account number + Routing number.

Step 1.

Open your Swype app -> Tap on Banking widget

Step 2.

Once you're in Banking widget on the bottom left tap on the Deposit button (Insert photo of deposit button)

Step 3.

From there you connect to Plaid to link your external account and be able to fund your Swype bank account.

Connecting to Plaid

Please be sure your Swype Account and external bank have the same Name, email, and phone number or the integration will not complete.

Step a) Tap 'Connect a new bank' as prompted above

Step b) You will then face a prompt asking for your permission to connect

Step c) Select the institution you currently bank with from the list of options provided

Step d) Accept prompt to connect with your tradfi bank

Step e) Complete verification with your bank to complete linking your account

Step f) Tap the 'Share my data' prompt as shown below

Step g) Go back to the Swype app to finish linking your account

Step h) Success! Your account has been successfully linked to Swype

Connecting to External Accounts that don't use Plaid

Step 1.

Open your Swype app -> Tap on Banking widget

Step 2.

At the top under Account Details you can just tap on either your ACCOUNT# or ROUTING# to copy and paste it to external account. Also, you can use this information for Payroll.

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