Swap Crypto

Swype users can swap anytime to another token on the same chain. This will change in the future once Swype adds crosschain support.

Step 1.

Open your Swype App -> Tap Trade button on the bottom of screen.

Step 2.

Once tapped you will with see the following options,

  1. A + symbol with a dropdown

  2. A preselected chain i.e. Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon or Optimism

  3. A Select token dropdown

Step 3.

Options 1 and 2 will chose a token from your asset portfolio, option 3 will choose the token you want to swap to.

Once you choose the token (1) and chain (2), when you select the token you want to trade into, the chain will already be preselected. This may change in the future once cross-chain swapping/bridging is enabled.

Step 4.

Once you have token you own and token you want to trade into (remember that your Max amount will always be shown) -> Tap or Swype Review button up -> Double check to be sure you've entered the right amount -> Swype to confirm

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